Casey Rayls, owner of BeastMaster Pest, Termite & Wildlife Services is a Master Journeyman at wildlife capture and control methodologies. In 1995 he Started BeastMaster from a small apartment in Florence, Ky while working 4-10s as a campus police officer.

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[vckit_workflow animate=”no” tutorial=”” id=”vckit_id_85ea5fc2ea9d28″ line_color=”#a0a0a0″ circle_border=”#a0a0a0″ circle_bg=”#b2b2b2″][vckit_workflow_item image_float=”yes” tutorial=”” title=”1995″ image=”657″]Started BeastMaster from a small apartment in Florence, Ky while working 4-10s as a campus police officer.[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” tutorial=”” title=”May 1995″ image=”657″]Awarded Associate of Applied Science Degree in Law Enforcement from Northern Kentucky University.[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item image_float=”yes” tutorial=”” title=”1995 – 2001″ image=”658″]Provided Only Wildlife Control Services Throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area (IN. OH. KY)[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item tutorial=”” title=”2001 – Present” image=”657″]Added Pesticide Licensing to Compliment the Demand For Full Service Pest Control[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item image_float=”yes” tutorial=”” title=”May 2003″ image=”658″]Awarded Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from Northern Kentucky University.[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item tutorial=”” title=”2006″ image=”657″]Offered a Career Position With the USDA-Wildlife Services Division as a Biological Science Technician Specializing in Beaver and Coyote Control for 6 Counties in North Dakota. Turned Down this Offer to Stay in Southeastern Indiana and Grow the BeastMaster Corp.[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item image_float=”yes” tutorial=”” title=”2006″]Worked Briefly on the Avian Influenza (bird flu) Project with the USDA Wildlife Services in Pierre, South Dakota.[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item tutorial=”” title=”October 2006″ image=”658″]Casey is Hired Full-Time by the USDA Wildlife Services For The Downtown Starling Bird Project-Indianapolis, Indiana.[/vckit_workflow_item][vckit_workflow_item image_float=”yes” tutorial=”” title=”2007″ image=”657″]Returned to Working in BeastMaster Full Time in Southeastern Indiana.[/vckit_workflow_item][/vckit_workflow]
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