Casey Rayls-Owner/Operator • BeastMaster Pest Services

BeastMaster Pest Services  March 1, 1995-Present. 21 Yrs. .35-55 Hrs. per Week.

Owner/operator of a full service pest control and wildlife removal service, serving the Greater Cincinnati Ohio Metropolitan area.

*Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the above service oriented business and more….

Solely responsible for:

*Customer service and retention. Provides technical assistance in reference to wildlife damage.

*Developing an annual advertising budget, including print, Internet and TV advertisements.

*Planning daily work, route, procurement of supplies and arriving at each customer on time.

* Visiting residential and commercial/industrial accounts to solve pest and wildlife damage issues.

*Used pesticides, herbicides, toxicants, rodenticides, traps, cages, repellents and handled wild animals safely in commercial settings and at customers’ homes.

*Implemented integrated pest management techniques to solve cooperator’s pest problems.

* Completing repairs to commercial and residential structures, repairing wildlife entry points/holes and reinforcing the structure to prevent future wildlife entry. Often these repairs were performed on a ladder, roof and chimney using hand and power tools.

*Responding to customer’s questions and concerns via telephone and email regarding wildlife pests, insect pests, billing and scheduling.

* Inspecting customer’s homes and businesses, pointing out pest issues and educating the customer as to the where, why, and how of their problems and how I will correct the issue, explaining procedures per pesticide labels and state wildlife capture regulations.

*Operated ATV in conjunction with paid nuisance beaver trapping/removal in swampy/hilly terrain for American Electric Power Corporation’s pest animal contract (annually renewed).

*Operated 16’ Jon boat with 40 HP engine, tiller steer, on creeks, rivers and ponds, including large inland rivers to include the Ohio River, for fur trapping and nuisance beaver removal for American Electric Power Corp. pest animal contract.

*Collected biological samples at times for county health authorities to test for rabies

*Performed occasional necropsies on certain depredating animals.

*Removed rotting, putrid carcasses from chimneys, attics, crawl spaces and wall voids.

*Kept annual written records/spreadsheets and data of animals captured, where, how and method of disposition for annual state report per nuisance wildlife permit holder requirements.

*Submitted annual reports to Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources as to species captured, number, technique used and method of disposition.

*Expert skills at identifying animal signs– tracks, fur, hair, signs, trails, scats and habits in order to capture offending animals quickly at customer’s request.

*Identified wildlife damage as to species in order to implement correct wildlife damage action

*Trapped, captured and removed via foothold traps, snares, cage traps and firearms offending nuisance animals, such as, but not limited to coyotes, fox, beaver, raccoon, groundhogs etc. from cooperators and homeowners properties.

USDA-WILDLIFE SERVICES-Indianapolis, IN: November 11 2006- January 7 2007   40 Hrs. Per Week.   GS-7  Step 1  Salary: $35,219/Year

Bio Sci Tech/Wildlife Specialist working on the Indianapolis, IN. Pest Bird Task Force.

Trapped starlings at sanitary landfill via Australian Crow Trap.

Banded and sexed starlings to see if they were re-trapped in downtown area on high rise buildings.

Used lasers at sundown to attempt to deter starlings from roosting on downtown high rise buildings

Was instructed by State Director to use raccoon cage traps to attempt to trap starlings on downtown buildings’ fire escapes, blocking said fire escapes.

Used bird bangers (whistle & bang type) on downtown business circle to deter starlings from roosting. Used in plain sight of the public…and radio station on the circle under public scrutiny. 

Worked with Indianapolis Metro Police city-wide, escorting us on our rounds…because we carried shell cracker pistols.

Kept records as to how many shells were deployed per person, per shift in deterrent efforts.

Kept vigil from ground and roof tops watching for flocks of starlings to determine direction of roost.

Attended weekly cooperator meetings to keep downtown businesses abreast of the program.

Used mist nets at night, by State Directors instruction, to attempt to catch starlings. At night…after they are already on high-rise roosts.


*Switzerland County Indiana Sheriff’s Department:    4/1/1994-12/31/1994 & 7/1/1995-7/31/1997

Reserve Deputy Sheriff-Class A.   Part-Time- 24Hrs. per Month (three-8 hr. shifts)  (792 total Hrs.)  Unpaid.

* Traffic enforcement, back up for full-time officers.

* Special details involving crowds at local festivals, outdoor events, fairgrounds etc.

* Dispatch center/radio assignment, lone vehicle patrol in rural areas, usually at night.

*Submit county and state forms each shift, pursuant to incidents that may have occurred during my shift, such as, but not limited to SR 21 (state vehicle crash reports), calls for service, patrol vehicle mileage and service log (gas, oil etc), county incident reports such as trespassers, battery, suspicious persons/vehicles, service of court records.

* Annual interdepartmental firearms qualification with duty weapon (pistol) and shotgun.

Firearms Qualified:  Expert


*Northern Kentucky University-Highland Heights, KY. 41099

*Bachelor of Arts-English Literature                                                              Class of 2003

GPA in Major: 3.0 of 4.0

  • Upper division education and training in research, business and technical writing.
  • Upper division coursework in writing, interpretation & analysis of American and British Literature

from 1500s thru 20th Century.

  • This education and training has polished my written and verbal communication skills to a professional level.

* Associate of Applied Science-Law Enforcement                                       Class of 1995

GPA in Major: 3.6 of 4.0

* Upper division coursework in Criminology, Sociology, Police Management and Crisis Intervention.

*  Training and coursework in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

                *Spanish Language-Northern Ky. University & IVY Tech Community College IN.                             2003

      8/2001-12/2001  1 Semester of reading, writing and speaking introductory Spanish I

      1/2002 – 5/2002  1 Semester of reading, writing and speaking introductory Spanish II

      3/2003 – 4/2003  6 week course in Conversational Spanish. 

*Rising Sun High School-Rising Sun, IN.  47040                      Class of 1986

*Completion of Indiana high school diploma coursework requirements.


* Hobart Institute of Welding TechnologyTroy, OH.                              May  2007

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick)  4 weeks-140 Hour Course   


*Diamond Oaks Institute of Technology, Cincinnati, OH                                     September  2004          

  1. Week Course in Basic Welding-Arc, Mig and Acetylene Processes

License & Certifications:

  • Indiana & Ohio Certified Pesticide Applicator-Office of the Indiana State Chemist and Ohio Dept. of Agriculture. Trained at Purdue University.                               IN. F210884

Indiana Certified Herbicide Applicator-Category 3B-Turf Management         *

  • For Hire Pest Control Business License: Indiana and Ohio                         IN. 211394

      Ohio Dept. of Agriculture  Categories 10A,10B,7, Core OH. 96357

  • Certified Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky.
  • Certified Trapper Education Instructor-Indiana.                                 No. I-15-1

Presented programs, training and Power Point programs to Indiana Animal Damage Control Assoc.,

lady’s garden clubs and jr. high school students.

  • OSHA  10 Hour Construction/Job Site Safety& Health.                            2008         Card No. 001590115
  • USDA-Wildlife Services Defensive Driving Course.                     July   2006           Control No. 623173

Managerial/Clerical Skills:

Microcomputer:  Familiar with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point


  • Written: 4+ years of thesis writing and research for the degree in English Literature.
  • Author of 11 paid articles for wildlife control trade magazines, The Trapper and Wildlife Control Technology. Several local newspaper articles in the 1990s.
  • Author: The Business Man Trapper; a 116 page textbook on how to start, run and be successful owning/operating a nuisance wildlife control service.
  • Verbal: 20 years experience working with the public where 99% of the time contact is initiated by the customer, via telephone, requesting the resolution of a pest or wildlife problem.
  • Public Speaking: Developed Power Point presentations for wildlife control seminars as a presenter to the Indiana Animal Damage Control Association.
  • Mathematics: Daily use of basic math (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages and ratios) as required in figuring proper amounts of pesticide to use per job requirements.
  • Calculation of linear, square footage and depth-to-footer measurements as required by the Office of the Indiana State Chemist in calculating proper termiticide application ratios.

Other Skills, Accomplishments & Training:

National Convention Service Award-*Fur Takers of American                                         1986                                                        

  For volunteer hard work as a member of the host chapter/team in southeast

  Indiana bringing to national convention to the Hoosier state.

*Dearborn County Indiana Law Enforcement Center:                 1994

  40 Hrs. in Pre-Police Academy Basic Law Enforcement Training

  Self-Defense Tactics, Criminal Law & Firearms Qualification

*Rabies Vaccine:  5 injection series prophylaxis. Dearborn Co. Hospital, Indiana              July     1997

* Predator Trapping Field Training  O’Gorman Enterprises-Broadus, MT.                September 2010

  Craig O’Gorman Instructor:  2 days training on coyote and bobcat trapping and calling.

*Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks             2015

  On-line Bear identification testing.  Black Bear vs. Grizzly        Score: 80%

Firearm Safety and Proficiency           8/2015

National Rifle Assoc. and Indiana Law Enforcement Academy

*Indiana State Police: Lifetime concealed carry handgun permit.                                     No expiration

CPR – FIRST AID – AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)                     9/2015

American Heart Assoc. via Ohio County (Indiana) Emergency Services

RK’s Trapline Products:  Purchased the “RK” (Rich Kaspar, Crete, NE) line of trapping lures, baits and formulas in December 2016. These products are made by Casey Rayls and sold nationwide via our website and a network of trapping supply dealers.


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